Our Objectives

The objectives of the Association shall be to: -


- Promote and protect the Sharia Compliant activities in the field of trade, commerce, industry, transport, insurance, banking, tourism and other services in Mauritius.

- Promote, support or making of representations in relation to legislative or other measures affecting the aforesaid interests.

- Promote and help cooperation among MUSLIMS and MUSLIMS businesses.

- Promote and help the establishment of new MUSLIMS businesses.

- Help in finding and developing business opportunities for MUSLIMS.

- Help advancement of MUSLIMS employees in their careers.

- Provide services that effectively utilize the pooled resources of MUSLIMS.

- Promote and help establishment of Islamic financial institutions.

- Promote and help in trade and other business cooperation with Islamic countries.

- Look for solution to solve the moral, social, and economic problems that are plaguing the community and Mauritius.

- Collect, classify and disseminate statistical and other information of relevance and interest to all sectors of activities of the Mauritian economy.

- Sponsor and assist in the organisation of fairs and missions which may foster the economic development of Mauritius.

- Assist and advise the Authority for the issuing of certificates in respect of goods, which are produced, processed, manufactured in or exported from Mauritius.

- Carry out of surveys.

- Organise and run education courses, training courses, workshop and seminars.